“The historic religious roots found in chapter two of this book were comforting and assuring to someone who looks for validation with God and science. As I learned more about the strength from within to heal, I found I was on a new threshold of ancient origin, one that feels and sounds exciting and divine in its sense of vocation and of empowerment.”
Connie Biagioli, Dental Assistant, Baltimore, MD
“I encourage all health practitioners to learn to utilize the principles involved in Reiki in conjunction with conventional medical care. I believe the results would amaze them. Those interested in assuming some responsibility for their own health, as well as improving the lives and health of those around them, should read this book as their first step in their journey towards better health and enlightenment.”
Kent C. Kyzar, M.D., Yazoo, MS
“I have read other books about Reiki and found none more clear than this one. Marge makes it easy with her simple, down-to-earth approach.”
Lino Stanchich, Macrobiotic International Lecturer, N.C.
“Reiki & You is an excellent tool to be used when teaching Reiki. The book lends itself to thorough reading and understanding by even the busiest.”
Reiki Master, Patricia D. Conroy, M.S., L.M.T., Miami, FL

A highly acclaimed work by Reiki Master Margaret Lee Lyles, Reiki & You is a trailblazing chronicle. In a masterful, enlightening touch it teaches the ways of Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing method that has already gained considerable popularity throughout the world. (In English, Reiki is pronounced: Ray-Key).

A healing technique that taps into the “Universal Life Force-Energy,” Reiki is an Oriental-inspired practice of healing that balances the energies of the body’s “chakras.” Within the major chakras, we find the human body’s glandular organs, collectively known as the endocrine system. A non-invasive technique, Reiki is considered by many medical experts today as a proven method in holistic healing, and is currently practiced in over one hundred hospitals in the United States, including the renown Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

While many other books about Reiki have come before this volume, Lyles’ work embodies a unique voice in conveying this healing method because of its Judaic-Christian approach, and its powerful portrait of healing and recovery. This dramatic element is provided by the inspiring life story of the author, a former cancer patient who courageously fought and triumphed over this dreaded disease.

This comprehensive textbook enlightens readers with its all-encompassing explanations of the practice, along with easy-to-follow illustrations. Laced with snippets of religious teachings and spiritual wisdom, this chronicle stands as a beneficial healing tool for the reintegration of the body, the mind, and the spirit. Read on and unleash the healing power within you.

Margaret Lee Lyles writes about her experience with breast cancer and her journey toward natural healing in her upcoming chronicle, In The Belly of the Whale. Coming soon!

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